CIRO Chevalier de la Nuit

The night draws in, plunging everything into a deep darkness, velvety and inky blue. Thus creating the ideal stage for those who are devoted to the darkest hours. They swarm out, in search of adventure or diversion, experience and pleasure. Shimmering, their silhouettes stand out from the darkness as they wander seemingly aimless through the streets. Nocturnal lords and ladies of the city – they own the night with its endless possibilities.

CHEVALIER DE LA NUIT is dedicated to those who are guided by their passion.

CHEVALIER DE LA NUIT’s fire is kindled by racy clove which, in turn, creates the distinctive heart of the fragrance. A spicy composition which also shows a spirited sharpness inspired by the freshness of eucalyptus. Its powdery facets are emphasized by iris and dark patchouli and refined by a smoky-smooth vetiver. Hesperidia fruits provide a dynamic, citrusy echo, while
exquisite sandalwood adds balsamic accents along with deliciously bourbon vanilla which sweetly savors the perfume.


Perfumer: Alexander Streeck


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CIRO Chevalier de la Nuit

A fragrance for modern heroes and heroines.

Lemon, Bitter Orange, Patchouli

Jasmin Absolute, Hawaii-Vetiver, Clove

Musk, Eucalyptus, Sandalwood, Vanilla

Eau de Parfum, 100 ml, 3.4 FL.OZ


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